Top Stays in a nutshell

My name is Ari. I was born and raised in Athens, but I’ve spent most of my adult life in London. After a decade of trading the markets, I quit my job and embarked on a 6-month trip around the world, only to find my true calling back home, here in Athens.

I listed my first flat on a short-let platform in 2016 and I’ve since followed on with a few more. In 2018, I launched Top Stays, a short-let company to manage them. The setup changed but the personal touch stayed, and remains stronger than ever.

Having travelled extensively throughout the world, I know how big a difference knowing someone local makes. That’s why I look forward to showing you the insider’s version of life in Athens, catered to your own individual needs, interests and circumstances.

All the flats available are honestly priced, and I constantly review these prices personally to deliver top value for my guests in terms of cost and quality. In return, I enjoy hosting nice people from all over the world, the kind that really values what I offer and will look after the properties like they would their own.

So if you’re after a hotel, this isn’t for you. What Top Stays really offers is a place you’ll call your home, irrespective of the time you’ll end up staying there.

Same goes for price. In an AirBnB/Booking type of world of infinite choice, the nightly rate can’t be the only or indeed the main deciding factor, because then everything simply becomes a race to the bottom. And you can rest assured that as with everything else in life, in this case too you’ll get just what you paid for.

So instead, what separates Top Stays from everyone else is this: I always go the extra mile so you can make the most of your stay. And that’s certainly a two-way street; I’ve made some great friendships along the way, and I look forward to many many more.


ps. Got any questions? I’d love to answer them, just hit me up with a message.