Au Revoir

There aren’t many bars in Athens that can boast Frank Sinatra as one of its former patrons!

The Chairman of the Board reportedly had a drink or two here in the early 60s while in town for a couple of concerts. Rumour has it he ordered a Jack Daniels and a glass of ice. Although he paid for his drink, he poured from his own flask to the ice-filled glass. He was sitting on the couch right in front of the window.

You’ll find the historic Au Revoir bar on Patission Avenue, at number 136, bang in the middle between our Top Stays One and Two flats. Looking from the inside out, its old-style curtains will unveil a live, unedited show of everyday life in Athens.

The bar’s urban setting was originally set up by the Papatheodorou brothers in the late 50s, under the guidance of famed Greek architect Aristomenis Provelengios. The result was a truly timeless bar, which has remained the same for seven decades now.

Address: 28is Oktovriou 136
Links: Facebook, TripAdvisor
Nearest Flats: One, Two

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