Frequently Asked Questions

You can browse all our homes through our Flats page or through each dedicated page. Once you’ve found your dream choice you can enquire for its availability through our Contact page. Fill in your details, submit the request and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes! You get the best deal via the Top Stays website. You’ll always get the best possible rate and check the availability of our flats in real time.

And as of 2020, our flats are no longer available on any of the short-let platforms. You can only find them through our website or our social media accounts.

You may pay via PayPal, bank transfer or cash. Depending on where you’re based, electronic payment (PayPal or bank transfer) may incur additional fees by your financial provider and/or require advance payment orders in order to get cleared in time for your check-in.

The normal check-in window runs from 2pm to 9pm. Check-ins outside these hours are sometimes possible but may incur a small extra charge. Please check with us before you finalise your reservation.

The normal checkout time is by 11am. Late checkouts are sometimes possible, depending on the arrival times of the next guests. When a late checkout is possible, there is NO extra charge for it.

We’ll agree beforehand the check-in time and we’ll meet in person outside the flat. We’ll complete a quick registration process, during which your Passport or ID will be needed, as required by the Greek Tax Authorities. We’ll hand you over the keys, settle the refundable damage deposit in cash, and sign the contract and inventory list (both will be available to you beforehand so you can review them at your own time). We’ll also give you a short orientation of the flat, and of the neighbourhood if you wish.

We’ll arrange beforehand the checkout time and we’ll meet in person at the flat. We’ll go through a quick inspection of the flat together and highlight any issues, so we can release the damage deposit.

The Damage Deposit is a set amount you pay either before or upon arrival, to cover against the possibility of anything in the flat being damaged or needing replacement. The exact amount depends on the type and total cost of your stay, and it’s refunded in full within 3 working days, if there’s no such damage.

This is a non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of your stay (or half the first month’s lease for longer-term bookings), required in order to secure your booking. It’s payable via PayPal, bank transfer or in cash. This deposit will get deducted out of the cost of your total stay, but it is not refundable if you cancel your booking.

All legally-operating hosts are required by the Greek Tax Authorities to submit a short-term residence declaration for their guests and provide some basic information on them and the duration of their stay.

All the flats are located in central Athenian neighbourhoods. Public transport will take you to them from the Airport in about an hour and a half, for a cost of about €12 per person. Exact transit times and costs will differ slightly for each flat, so we’ll provide you with full details upon completion of your booking.

Yes, we can! We’ll put you in touch with Nikos, an infallibly reliable and professional taxi driver, or – depending on his availability – book him right away on your behalf. Oh, and by the way, he offers the best rate in the market!

Public transport will take you to the flats from the Port in less than an hour, for a cost of less than €2 per person. Exact transit times will differ slightly for each flat, so we’ll provide you with full details upon completion of your booking.

Street parking is generally available, free of charge in all the flats. Inevitably, in some of the flats it’s easier and in some a bit more challenging. Paid parking lots are also generally available near the flats. We’ll be happy to provide you with full details, according to your needs, upon completion of your booking.

Unfortunately not. This is due to the current Greek legislation on short-let accommodation, which stipulates that extra services like these will result in an added 24% VAT charge on your stay.

In 2018, the electronic registry for property owners leasing their homes for short-term accommodation online became operational. All legally-operating hosts are now required by the Greek Tax Authorities to enroll on the registry and obtain a unique Registry Number for their properties.