At the very start of Fokionos Negri, you’ll find a cozy souvlaki restaurant called Rigani. Don’t let its small size fool you, it offers what’s probably the neighbourhood’s best souvlaki!

The owners are Stavros and John, two long-time friends. They pride themselves in using the freshest and highest quality ingredients to prepare the restaurant’s meals. Most of them originate from Naxos, an island famed for its superior-quality staples, particularly potatoes and cheese.

It’s thus no wonder Rigani is our favourite souvlaki restaurant on Fokionos Negri. Aside from great food, in it you’ll find a warm atmosphere and the friendliest of staff. It’s also just around the corner from both Top Stays Two and Eight, too!

They’re open from 1pm to 1am every day, and they deliver as well.

Location: Fokionos Negri 15
Links: Facebook
Nearest Flats: Eight, Two

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